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Guide website visitors and 2.5X your Lead Conversions

Guide website visitors based on the page content and actions of visitors, asking relevant questions, effectively engaging them and increasing lead conversions.


Reduce Recruitment Phone Screening Time by 95%

Reach out to candidates asynchronously at scale and reduce the evaluation time to minutes. Learn more

Train Chatbot

Train Fast and Launch Faster - All in 5 minutes

Breeze through training chatbot using your website content and business documents, then launch swiftly to start engaging visitors.

Ad Campaigns

Increase lead flow by 97% by making Ads interactive

Embed Ads with QR code enabled Chatbot to share information, engage target audience, get response and capture leads. Learn more


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How it Works

RoboResponseAI Integrates with the Most Commonly Used Platforms

Connect your chatbot with your WhatsApp business account and let it interact with your customers.

Integrate chatbot with your shopify website.

Integrate chatbot with your WiX website.

Integrate chatbot with your GoDaddy website.

Integrate chatbot with your KAJABI website.

Integrate chatbot with your weebly website.

Integrate chatbot with your JIMDO website.

Integrate chatbot with your Leadpages website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RoboResponseAI is a GPT-powered Chatbot. All you have to do is integrate it with your website. It learns from your existing Knowledgebase in a few minutes and is ready to serve your customers within no time.

The underlying technology is the same. Just like ChatGPT, it's an OpenAI and GPT powered Chatbot. That's where the similarity ends.

It's a different use case of OpenAI's GPT. ChatGPT is designed to answer generic questions, and its Knowledgebase doesn't understand your product or service. RoboResponseAI is designed to learn from your Knowledgebase and provide ChatGPT-like ( read human-like ) answers to your customer's queries regarding your product or service.

We have a free version for as long as you want to use it. However, if you wish to upgrade, you can choose your desired plan from the Pricing section and upgrade to the plan.

To teach RoboResponseAI about your product or service, you need to provide inputs to its Knowledgebase. These inputs can be given as a website link, or you can upload files containing your company and product information in PDF, TXT, DOC, and JSON formats.

Yes, it is available to try now. Please register with us and let us know if you want to participate in the beta trial.

Definitely, it is. RoboResponseAI is designed to learn everything about your business, enabling it to interact with your customers in a manner that resembles human conversation.